Bonnie Levinson is a multidisciplinary artist, working in mixed media, photography and paint. A playwright/performer and collaborator, her attention is in the intersection of these diverse yet complimentary forms, and their influence upon each other. Her current theatre project You Complete the Picture interweaves installation with performance.  Much of her work deals with memory and the tension between the specificity and universality of place. 


My photographs have a painterly quality often playing with a perception of reality.  There’s something about water that attracts me over and over again.  The Alaska Pole series captures the interaction between water and sky, and the inherent abstraction and design that we create as interloper.  An installation at The McLoughlin Gallery in San Francisco consisted of ten individual photographs, dye infused pigment on aluminum.  The images were taken while on a small fishing boat in the Inside Passage in Alaska, where I felt immediately drawn to capture the reflection I saw in the water. Through documenting this otherwise fleeting moment, I revealed the character of nature and thus the dynamic and evolving relationship between our environment and ourselves. The dramatic contrast of colors play on the dichotomy of light and dark that is found within both water and sky, and the abstraction that becomes an object once it is a reflection on the water.

My abstract paintings, mixed media  and photography are inspired by my interpretation of the colors, light, smells, textures and spirit of place, whether it be Sicily, Zambia, Japan, India, Cuba or Yosemite National Park. I use my photography as a sketch tool and artifact in the collage process.


Bonnie received her BA cum laude from Kenyon College and her Masters of Arts in Teaching Museum Education from George Washington University.  She was a recipient of a Thomas J. Watson Foundation Fellowship. She is a founding board member of the Oxbow School, serves on the Executive Committee of the San Francisco Art Institute, the Gund Gallery of Kenyon College and the Artemis Rising Foundation. 


Workshop at Anderson Ranch Arts Center with Liz Ferrill, Artistic Director of Painting, Drawing and Printmaking


She has furthered her art making studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, Anderson Ranch Art Center, City College of San Francisco and Colorado Mountain College.


This piece published in the KENYONreview Online documents my first encounter with a "real artist", Mark Rothko. That encounter helped shape my career and has become the centerpiece of my theatrical performance piece, You Complete the Picture. 








" Water", Juried Exhibition, Center for Fine Art Photography,  Fort Collins, CO

"Strokes of Genius", 2018 Calendar collaboration of art and home from Artspan and Zephyr Real Estate


 Resistance", Arc Studio Artists Group Exhibition, Arc Gallery and Studio, San Francisco, CA

Images 2017", Juried Exhibition of  Photography Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael  


H2O McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Installation at The McLoughlin Gallery

Installed at a private collector's home in Aspen, Colorado

 Installation in new home in Los Altos Hills, CA

Installation in new home in Los Altos Hills, CA

Identity”, Arc Gallery, Group Exhibition, San Francisco, CA

Artspan, Selections: Juried Exhibition, Midway Creative Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Juried Exhibition at Midway Creative Gallery


Displacement” Third Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA

 Artspan Open Studios, SOMA, San Francisco, CA

LIM Gallery,  Commission and installation, San Francisco, CA

 Two commissioned photographs for Lim Gallery, San Francisco

Two commissioned photographs for Lim Gallery, San Francisco