Not Becoming My Mother

In honor of Mother's Day, I just started Ruth Reichl's book NOT BECOMING MY MOTHER and other things she taught me along the way.  It is really resonant to me. My mother never wanted me to be anything like her.  She wanted me to have the life she never had, to be fulfilled.

I feel like my mother was like Ruth's mom, part of the women of her generation who were unlucky enough to have been born at what seems to have been the worst possible time to have been a middle-class American woman. Reichl says "there were so many labor saving devices that cooking and cleaning just didn't take that long and the women literally had nothing to do."

They were bored and unhappy.   Ruth thanks her mother on the 100th anniversary of her mom's birth for showing her by example the road she never wanted to take.  Both my mom and Ruth's mom made enormous personal sacrifices to make sure our lives did not turn out like theirs.

Thank you Ruth for writing this tribute to your mother and a whole generation of women.